Scrum processes address the specific activities and flow of a Scrum project. in total, there are 19 processes which are grouped into 5 phases.

The 5 phases describe each process in detail which includes: inputs, tools and outputs, depends on a particular Project, organization or Industry.

Squirrel is both a set of tools and a library, to completely manage both installation and updating your Desktop Windows application, written in either C# or any other language (i.e., Squirrel can manage native C++ applications).

Squirrel uses NuGet packages to create installation and update packages, which means that you probably already know most of what you need to create an installer.

Programmer’s Cookbook. Allen Jones

Creates Dates and Time from Strings

Problem: You need to create a System.DateTime instance that represents the time and date specified in a string.

Solution: Use the Parse or ParseExact methods of the DateTime class.

Encode Binary Data as Text

Problem: You need to convert binary data into a form that canbe stored as part of an ASCII text (such as an XML file), or sent as part of an email message.

Solution: Use the static methods ToBase64String and FromBase64String of the System.Convert class to convert your binary data to and from a Base64-encoded.

Validate Input Using Regular Expressions

Problem: You need to validate that user input or data has the expected structure and content. For example, you want to ensure that a user enters a valid IP address, telephone number, or email address.

Solution: Use regular expressions to ensure that the input data follows the correct structure and contains only valid characters for the expected type of information.

Input Type Description Regular Expression
Numeric input The input consists of one or more decimal digits, for example “5” or “5683878” ^\d+$
PIN The input consists of four decimal digits, for example “1234” ^\d{4}$
Simple password The input consists of between 6 through 8 characters, for example “ghtfg6” or “aaaer5” ^\w{6,8}$
Credit card number The input consists of data that matches the pattern of most major credit card numbers, for example “4921835221552042” or “4921-8352-2155-2042” ^\d{4}-?\d{4}-?\d{4}-?\d{4}$
E-mail address The input consists of an Internet e-mail address. For example ^[\w-]+@([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+$
HTTP or HTTPS URL The input consists of an HTTP based or HTTPS based URL, for example ^https?:\\([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+(/[\w-./?%=]*)?$